2015 Ministry Report

The Lord has continued to use me to advance His kingdom in 2015. It got off to an awesome start when Kelly and I attended the Global IMG_2478Access Conference in February. It was good to meet with old and new friends as well as hearing some awesome speakers. The conference was a nice stepping-stone for ministry in 2015. This report highlights my ministry activities in 2015 and is divided into the following areas: Church Relations, Writing, Global Media Outreach, Mentoring, and Last Thoughts.

Church Relations

In 2015 I did the following in Church Relations

  • I talked to a friend who has a disability about her church situation, and I reached out to the associate pastor. We exchanged a couple of emails and met at the end May. I gave him our information and we had a good introduction meeting where I told him my story and about our ministry. Seemed interested. His daughter had a disability and wanted simple tips. Thought something was going to happen, but my follow up emails either went unanswered or the reply was something like “we’re working on it.”

    Note: The church is Lutheran, and I believe it reached out to Bethesda.

    I don’t know the right way to think about this…that I eventually gave up trying or that I forgot to follow up. I also could have got gun shy about contacting new churches because of this experience.

  • August, Kelly and I went back First Congressional Church and celebrated its new elevator with the children. We presented to them in November 2014 and we returned for this party. As with other churches, I’ve shared everything I could offer the church but haven’t received any requests for more training.
  • I have been talking to my friend Kyle Sullivan, pastor of Calvary for three years. I observed his church in the summer 2014, met with Mary Jane’s last fall with another meeting scheduled January 20, 2016. (Kyle and I also had lunch together several times.) We are definitely going to get something going at his church this year. Currently, I’m scheduled to speak to his leadership February 28, 2016.
    Kyle is my best bet to finally get into and speaking to churches. We have talked about his being Aaron to my Moses. He says he sees the 5,000 feet view, and now needs to see the details and understand how to present it to his church. That’s what we are working on now. Once we have this done, I think we’ll be well on our way in to promoting the church relations to a wider audience.



Mary Jane and I have always believed the written word is my best format for my ministry. 2015 might have been my best year as a writer. I was able to write articles about disability ministry for Assist Tait and Kelly SpeakingNews Service. My stories have been about everything from “disability ministry made simple” to an article about Mephibosheth Ministry’s Bible studies. I have heard from readers from all over the world and the articles have been reprinted in Australia and New Zealand. I have also written out our workshop and presented it as a blog on my website. I have a few more topics to complete the blog series.
As a result of my articles, I was invited to speak about disability ministry at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference in May.
Communicating about ministry happenings

  • I was glad MJ suggested that I send a note to Vonie about what I’ve been doing in my ministry to be included in the receipts. This will help people know what I’m doing and keep me motivated to work and follow up with my supporters.
  •  I was looking at my church’s newsletter and its layout hit me. Why am I just sending out an ordinary email? I should get with the times!
    It dawned on me that my church and missionary friends probably use a website to generate their letters, and I wrote them asking to enlighten me on what they used and the pros and cons.
    They are using Mail Chimp, so I’ll be trying it out in the next few weeks, transitioning my mailing list, ect. If you would like to be on my list, please drop me a email, and I’ll be happy to put you on my list


Global Media Outreach

I continue to volunteer for Global Media Outreach (GMO), a ministry that shares the gospel on line. Joni and Friends recommended this ministry. Since I have started as an online missionary, I have communicated with 1,780 people and gotten 1,279 responses back. I love share the Gospel this way as I can share Jesus without communication issues getting in the way. On a typical day, I spend 1-2 hours devoted to GMO.

MJ challenged me years ago to find someone to mentor. I have kept my eyes opened for someone. I met young man a few years ago along with his parents. It has been hard to get with him and teach, but I’ve been following him on Facebook. I don’t know if he even wants to be mentored or even thinks about it.

Last thoughts

Thank you for allowing me to be associated with Mephibosheth Ministry. It’s my pleasure to serve our Lord and savior in this way. I may not have the resume we hoped I’d have when church relations began six years ago, but I hope you have seen my heart and passion for this ministry.

May 2016 find us faithful with what ever the Lord has for us.
In Christ’s name,
Tait Berge
Church Relations director, Mephibosheth Ministry