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Spring newsletter

Spring, 2015

Dear Friends,

Happy spring. The snow is melting here in Colorado, and Kelly and I are looking forward to being outside with the dogs. Maybe I can participate in my new favorite activity: wheelchair conga lines.

wheelchair conga line at family camp

I had a blast last summer at Joni and Friends Family Retreat when all of us wheelchair users (including Joni Erickson Tada herself) lined up our chairs and weaved our way through the beach party. People were clapping us along, some of the manual chair users grabbed onto the back of electric chairs for “a ride,” and we all had smiles on our faces. Continue reading Spring newsletter

Mephibosheth Ministry 2014 Fall Report

A person plans his course, but the Lord directs his steps.

–Proverbs 16:9

First, I need to admit something.

In the last few weeks, I have seen Mephibosheth Ministry proudly displayed as a partner with International Anglican Church. I am happy that my church sees the value of my ministry and me. But a voice in the back of my head says, “What have you done lately to prove you’re worthy of this partnership?” Continue reading Mephibosheth Ministry 2014 Fall Report

My 2013 Reading list

My iPad is a godsend. The iBook and kindle apps are my favorites because I can finally really explore my love for reading and enjoy my love of books. I bet I have hundreds of dollars invested in books. While I always had good intentions of reading each and every one of them from cover to cover, most became dust bunnies on my shelf. Tracking problems and physically holding them open cause this. I’m lucky to read one or two books a year, but not any more. With the iPad, I can read at least a book a month, sometimes two. And like every reader, I usually have more than one going, just to keep it interesting. Continue reading My 2013 Reading list

My New Book

I am pleased to announce the publication of  IN THE ACCESSIBLE CHURCH.   My book begins with an in-depth look at the theology of disability. What does God have to say about people affected by disability and why should you care? I speak directly to pastors and their church family concerning how to get comfortable relating to those with disability.  You will find practical steps on how to include someone with a disability in the church body. It’s not about a getting a budget that makes your church more accessible!  It’s about building relationships.  Of course, I tell personal stories of how I have experienced both “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat” in the churches I pursued.

I have attended church all my life, and honestly, my relationship with God remained as cool with just enough distant as most members inadvertently treated me.   My ultimate success story is the discovery of a church that did make me feel welcome and even gave me opportunities to participate.  The people there never question my disability. Instead, they encourage me to grow in my faith and “serve” the Lord.  Could I read scripture on Sunday morning?  Sure. Go for it! Could I be a Sunday school teacher?  Sure, there is an opening for a third-fifth-grade teacher. Have at it!


In the Accessible Church, you will…

·      Learn the framework of the theology of disability.

·      Discover how someone with a disability can be an active part of the church.

·               Be challenged to include someone with a disability in your congregation.

I am the church relations director with Mephibosheth Ministry. My desire is to help churches understand that people affected by disabilities are more than observers. They can be active participants in the life of a church, teach classes, serve on committees, and so much more. When given a chance, a person with a disability can be a wonderful addition to any congregation.

My pastor, Rt. Rev. Ken Ross, wrote the forward. It is available in print though Amazon and Lulu or as an eBook on the Barnes and Noble’s nook and iBook formats.  The read is quick.  The message is simple.  Yet, hopefully this message will inspire you and your church family to help fulfill the Great Commission to a very overlooked people group, the disabled.



One thing I’ve been wanting to do is to present one of Mephibosheth Ministry’s workshops, Exploring the Needs and the Opportunities that Exists between the Christian and Persons who have   Challenges, as a blog. This would allow me to do several things including making it more available and writing it out for future readers. Continue reading Workshops