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An oldie but a Goodie

An oldie but a Goodie

I can get awfully frustrated when I don’t blog for a while. I need to remember 200 words can give a punch just as much as 500 words. My goal is to do that. As I come up with new material, I decided to post an oldie but a goodie about my college friends. I love this story, and it’s a great reminder how to interact with someone living with a disability. If you ever get nervous about getting to know a new friend, this story is for you. Enjoy! Continue reading An oldie but a Goodie

My Friend Kyle

1982 was a pivotal year in my life. I was in second grade, and I transferred to my neighborhood school in the middle of the year. I remember being very excited to start at my new school, as I already knew several classmates from Sunday school. I would also meet other children who would be apart of my class through high school graduation. Continue reading My Friend Kyle

2015 Ministry Report

The Lord has continued to use me to advance His kingdom in 2015. It got off to an awesome start when Kelly and I attended the Global IMG_2478Access Conference in February. It was good to meet with old and new friends as well as hearing some awesome speakers. The conference was a nice stepping-stone for ministry in 2015. This report highlights my ministry activities in 2015 and is divided into the following areas: Church Relations, Writing, Global Media Outreach, Mentoring, and Last Thoughts.
Continue reading 2015 Ministry Report

Access Issues

facing stairs jpeg

This picture was taken by a friend years ago. When my mom saw this one, she said that it was the perfect picture for disability awareness. In case you can’t see it, here I am going down the hall and a flight of stairs is right in front of me. I think this speaks a thousand words.

To be honest, there is an elevator not more than fifty feet to the right of the stairs. But the point is still valid.   That is, there are places I can go, and there are still things to overcome. The latest topic on our ongoing Church Relations blog is access issues. Access is so much more that door openers and bigger stalls in the bathroom. Please click here to find out more.

My 2013 Reading list

My iPad is a godsend. The iBook and kindle apps are my favorites because I can finally really explore my love for reading and enjoy my love of books. I bet I have hundreds of dollars invested in books. While I always had good intentions of reading each and every one of them from cover to cover, most became dust bunnies on my shelf. Tracking problems and physically holding them open cause this. I’m lucky to read one or two books a year, but not any more. With the iPad, I can read at least a book a month, sometimes two. And like every reader, I usually have more than one going, just to keep it interesting. Continue reading My 2013 Reading list


One thing I’ve been wanting to do is to present one of Mephibosheth Ministry’s workshops, Exploring the Needs and the Opportunities that Exists between the Christian and Persons who have   Challenges, as a blog. This would allow me to do several things including making it more available and writing it out for future readers.

The workshop is the brainchild of Mary Jane Ponten, founder of Mephibosheth Ministry. Some topics included in it are

·      Scripture/devotionals based on disabilities

·      “A time to laugh”

·      Accessibility issues

·      When love is not enough

The workshop is designed to be interactive. I encourage you to interact with the material. Please feel free to ask questions and make comments along  the way.

I look forward taking this journey with you.