Our plans or God’s?

Read Acts 16:6-10

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.
Proverbs 16:9
Spend any time looking around at the needs of the world, and you might want to crawl under a rock. There are too many people who are in need, need to know Jesus, homeless, disabled. The list goes on and on. We are overwhelmed. Where to start?

The Apostle Paul knew something about this. He had been called to spread the gospel to the known world, and it was big. I imagine he was overwhelmed . Where to start? Paul was guided by the Holy Spirit. When he planned to go to Bithynia, for example, the Spirit of Jesus would not allow him to go. Paul prayed and had a vision about going to another city to help the people there.

This story tucked away in Acts has something to teach those of us in ministry. For my ministry and me, it teaches me to trust the Lord.A pastor friend challenged me to reach out to a thousand churches to encourage them to reach out to people living with disabilities.That’s quite of a task. I was overwhelmed at first, but then I remembered Paul’s story.

Sure, I must have a plan for reaching out to churches, and sure I have to follow through. Paul did. But he also was in tuned with the Spirit. The apostle was able to hear the Lord and let the spirit guide him. In the same way, I need not be overwhelmed with what churches to contact. I just need to be open to what churches God wants me to contact.

Are you overwhelmed with the needs of the world? Let the Holy Spirit guide you to where he needs you the most.