Tait’s Speaking

Because of my speech disability, public speaking isn’t my strongest part of my ministry. Yet I love like to get in front of people and talk about what the Lord is doing in my life and ministry. I usually tag team with an associate and I always use PowerPoint presentations. *

tate seminarThe key to understanding me is being an active listener. People tell me that listening to me is like listening to someone with a foreign accent. Once you listen for a few minutes, you’ll start to understand me. Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything I say. You’ll get my main points and the theme of the presentation.

My presentations include:

Life with Tait: Originally given to young adults with disabilities, I talk about my life and struggles as a student with a disability and how I dealt with my issues though the years. I encourage students to go out and find their dreams, but I don’t sugar coat it. Life is hard and unfair for anybody, but it brings another level of challenges for people with disabilities. This presentation doesn’t have a Gospel message, but I could add one depending on the audience. (60 minutes)

Invitation to Friendship: This short presentation is for people who are curious in my ministry and me. It’s answers “why should we invest in a ministry to the disabled and what is in it for my church?” Simple and direct. (45-60 minutes)

An introduction to disability ministry: This presentation goes a little more into depth than “Invitation to friendship” and gives an overview of disability ministry by looking at its past, present, and future. It gives a scriptural background of people with disabilities with in scripture as well as argues the right of people with disabilities to hear and act upon the Gospel. (60 minutes)

Disability Etiquette: Using Mark 2:1-12 for background, this talk focuses on basic disability etiquette and challenges listeners to provide people with disabilities with special moments with Jesus. (60 minutes)

In the Accessible Church: Based on my book by the same name, I encourage audiences to become an accessible church by telling stories about how my church, International Anglican Church, has accepted me as a member of the family. My church isn’t perfect, but Christ’s love guides it in everything it does. Come and peek inside my church and see disability ministry in action. (60 minutes)

Exploring the needs and opportunities that exist between the Christian and persons who have challenges: This is day seminar written by Mary Jane Ponten, founder and executive director or Mephibosheth Ministry. It goes in depth with topics offered in other presentations including devotionals, circle of friends, accessibility issues, and other topics. This seminar can also be found on my website at http://www.taitberge.com/blog/ (This is the longest workshop. I suggest doing it over two days. For example, 6-9:30 one evening and 9-3 the next day. I can work around time limits.)

I also love to speak to kids of any age. These talk are often given off the cuff, and topics can be anything from service dogs, disability etiquette, to the biblical mandate of accepting people with disabilities. I always do this with my partner, Kelly, who has a heart for children and is able to speak to them at age their level.

* Audiovisual equipment is needed for these presentations.

Please email me for more information and to schedule a time for me to speak to your group.



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