Tait’s Speaking

I’d love to come speak to your church, small group, or organization. I have a speech disability and understanding me is difficult but not important. I use PowerPoint and put all of my talk on the screen while I highlight my information. Basically I do the opposite of how most speakers use multi media. If technology is not available, I can print off my manuscript so people can follow along. I even put in blanks of missing words to challenge my audience to pay attention.

I always begin my presentations with this statement: “if you can’t understand  my speech, please let me know. We are only wasting both of our time if you can’t understand.”

The following are my current topics

  • At the Table: Using Idina Menzel’s “At the Table” as background, I present the theological background for why people who have disabilities need to be invited to the table. It’s inspired by a conference where people sat around a table and discussed who is not at the table. You can guess what group wasn’t represented Yep…disability.

This presentation will look at the theology of disability and how it relates to the sacraments of the church. (60-90 minutes) ***This presentation will be ready by fall 2020.

  • Everyone is included: a study of Acts 10-11 (written) Looking at the story from Cornelius eyes,  I look at why people who have disabilities might have been let down by churches and how our mindsets might not allow us to interact with other parts of the body. Like Peter’s, our small boxes must be broken and begin to include everyone in the Kingdom of God.
  • My Name is Tait, and I have Faith This presentation is my most personal talk as it’s my testimony. I share my faith, how I see the Bible, and God’s work throughout my life. From my new book, “My Name is Tait, and I…” (60 minutes) ***should be ready by summer, 2020
  • Passion for Worship (written): Using the worship song, “Great Are You Lord”, I explain why I love to worship and why this song means so much to me. 30 to 45 minutes and willing to take any questions about disability ministry.
  • Moments with kids (of all ages): this is my most fluid presentation, and I don’t use PowerPoint. Teaming up with my wife, Kelly, we present a wide range of topics including my dollar bill example about value, Moses’s staff (Exodus 4), disability etiquette, how my chair works, answering children’s questions. We can also talk about our marriage and how God bought us together. Time varies. Good for chapels, Sunday school, or workshops.
  • May I have five minutes: introduce myself and ministry to a church or organization in a couple of minutes. Good for announcements time.

Please email me for more information.