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I  haven’t updated my blog for quite a while, so I thought it was time. It’s not like I’m not writing or doing ministry…I may be doing too much! I write reflections for my church every week, work with a young man on setting goals, rewriting my presentations, and so much more. I work out four or five days a week, and Kelly and I are shopping for a new van. 

Health wise, I’m doing okay. We got the diagnosis of Auto somatic dysfunction and Aspiration pneumonia confirmed in December and have a follow up appointment with a pulmonologist soon to establish care. Unfortunately, I’ll have to have another hernia surgery in April. Until then, Kelly and I have five concerts to attend.

In the meantime I’m posting an excerpt from introduction of my new book, “My Name is Tait, and I…”and a picture of Kelly and me from our date on New Year’s Eve.


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(From introduction)

My name is Tait. I’m 45 years old and a Colorado native. I grew up in Black Forest going to district twenty schools. I love the Broncos and the Avalanche. The Rockies are okay too. I workout at the Y every day and have one Dr Pepper a day. Ok, it’s usually a Double Gulp from 7-11.

I also have cerebral palsy, but we’ll get to that later.

Parts of this piece was originally a PowerPoint presentation given to transition students many years ago. As several young people in my spear of influence are aging out of the school system, I wanted to revisit my outline and put it in written form to encourage them and their parents. It’s also written for my wife and friends who haven’t heard some of these stories as well as other professionals. I’ll talk about this in a moment.

This is not a complete biography of my life. My desire is to write down what I think would benefit a student who lives with a disability, his family, and his support systems (schools, doctors, social workers etc). My other books,  My Exodus and In the Accessible Church, have more details about certain periods of my life especially in the areas of my service dogs and faith,  but I hope this will give my readers some things to ponder, a few laughs, and encouragement to try this thing called independent living.

The topics in the piece are straight forward. They are arranged by subject. Each essay begins with a simple statement: My name is Tait, and I have 

-cerebral palsy 

-a family 

-an education 



-work experience 



Each essay or chapter begins with childhood going through current day. Some years ago, I figured out that I had to adjust my thinking about my cerebral palsy at each stage of my life. So how I thought about my disability in high school was totally different than what I thought about it as a thirty year old and it might be different when I’m fifty. In football terms, I often used audibles and adjust to what life brings. The stories that follow will flesh this out.


-A challenge 

A Response to an Unwelcoming Church

A South Carolina man and his service dog was recently denied access by a church. My colleagues and I were shocked. As my friend, Steve wrote: “Every time I start to think that churches are finally starting to “get” the idea of welcoming kids and adults with disabilities, some elder board dreams up an absurd policy that convinces me I’m wrong.”

My service dog and I was too denied access to a church years ago, and the lessons I learned from the experience strengthen my faith and helped me understand how to approach this issue with churches. I have yet  used these arguments with a church, but I think I’m on solid ground.

The excerpt below is from my book, In the Accessible Church (self published, 2013). I post this as a response to the church and to further educate the faith community.


Continue reading A Response to an Unwelcoming Church

My Experience at the 2018 Warrior Games

Disability is not a brave struggle or ‘courage in the face of adversity.’ Disability is an art. It’s an ingenious way to live.”

  -Neil Marcus

I was surprised at how nice it was at the swim meet. It was not too loud or humid in the Air Force Academy’s Natatorium. I parked my chair near the starting blocks to watch some heats. After a while, the cheers got louder and louder as a race was finishing. I looked up at the giant tv screen and saw a participant making his way down the pool on his back. He seemed to be swimming a simple backstroke, something I might swim. Continue reading My Experience at the 2018 Warrior Games

Note from Tait

I haven’t posted for a long time. Working on a longer piece that I hope will be up soon. For now, please enjoy a recent devotional.

Ministry on the way

Read Luke 8:39-56

I’ve been thinking about the story recorded in Luke 8:39-56. Here’s the scene: a man named Jairus, a synagogue leader, asks Jesus to come and heal his daughter. On his way to see her, Jesus’ stride shortens as the crowd begins to press in on him. A woman reaches out to touch the edge of his cloak. Jesus stops and ministered to her. By the time he is done talking to the woman, people calls Jesus off from going on because the girl had died. But Jesus keeps going and heals the girl.

This story is hitting me because my days rarely go as planned. Like the other day, I I had my day all planned out until I received a Facebook message from someone who wanted to know how to start a disability ministry. I talked with him for a hour. A young man who has CP contacted me because he is frustrated and doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life. I’ve been praying for an opportunity to mentor a young person who has CP for a long time.

Please pray for both of these opportunities, that I’m able to share my life’s experiences with these two men.

There will times when I have to hunker down and finish something (like writing this letter), but I’m rather enjoying being interrupted and seeing the Lord at work. Thank you for your partnership so I am able to do this ministry.

Prayers to you and your family.


Worship with a passion

I was glad to see my friend on my way into church. I can count on Dan to hear me out when I have burdens on my heart, and I had more than my share on that particular day. Dan and I spent a few minutes talking until it was time to go into the sanctuary. The opening prayer was just ending as I wheeled through the door. Right then, I felt a strong presence of the Holy Spirit like a warm, familiar comforter wrapping me up from head to toe. In an instant, my concerns that had consumed me just a couple of seconds before didn’t seem as important. Continue reading Worship with a passion

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