2022 Speaking Topics - Tait Berge
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2022 Speaking Topics

TRE – Positive Exposure 2016. Photo by Jeff Kearney.

I just turned in three proposals to speak at the 2022 Wonderfully Made Conference. I thought I’d post it here. Please contact me if you would like me to speak to your group. I would be happy to.

Speaker’s biography: Tait Berge is a writer, Advocate, and theologian. He is a Ministry Advocate for Mephibosheth Ministry, where he’s been associated with for more than twenty years. Tait lives in Colorado Springs with his wife, Kelly. He has published hundreds of articles and four books. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Leadership and Ethics from Nazarene Bible College. He attends Asbury Seminary fa master’s degree in theology.


The Gospel According to Disability

Description: Using the five-stage Gospel story, Tait demonstrates that the gospel is bigger than we think it is and places disability in the center of the story.

Leadership in Disability Ministry

Description:  leadership is hard, but you can do it! Building on his experiences, Tait helps leaders build their leadership to be more effective in their ministries. He has a degree in leadership and ethics and is excited to share his thoughts and experiences in this area.

My Name is Tait

Speaking on the book with the same name, Tait shares stories from his life and encourages his audience to try this thing called independent living. “Independent living is hard work,” Tait says. “But it is so much fun!”

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