Summer Update - Tait Berge
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Summer Update

Happy Summer! Things are happening in colorado with the ministry, school, and work, and I wanted to highlight just a few things. First, I’m thrilled that my Avalanche is going to play for the Stanley Cup! We have a great team, and I can’t wait until the next round starts!

Health wise…where to start? I had my baclofen pump replaced in February. In March, I got an infection and had to go under again to have it removed for six weeks, and I just got it back last week. I’m feeling better every day and getting back to normal. I’m behind in school but I’m blessed that school has been able to work with me and give me time to finish my work over the summer. I love my studies, so I don’t mind. Is it really homework if you like to do it?

In the meantime…I decided to leave my longtime church for a fellowship closer to us. It was a year in the making. I’m excited about the possibilities. I am ending up at New Life Downtown. Kelly still has some healing to do, but I’m convinced that God is sending me there. There are some opportunities to explore, and some friends I need to get to know and minister with. Asbury Seminary has a close relationship with New Life, and I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in story as we start this new adventure.

The ministry is also busy.  The Lord has several projects that I’ll be working on in the next 18 months including working with New Life, going to seminary, teaching at conferences, and traveling to Romania. I’m also busy with meeting with pastors, attending writer conferences, and blogging new topics and things. Please take a look at my latest blog on how my body is not a prayer request.

New nephew, Ugo Berge. Born November 2022.

Thanks for your prayers and support. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I’ll keep you posted on the ministry as things happen.

God bless.

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