Tyra’s Ministry - Tait Berge
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Tyra’s Ministry

Tyra and Wyatt were inseparable. Both had severe disabilities, but their friendship ran deep. One of their regular activities was for Tyra to build something on Wyatt’s wheelchair tray and he would knock it down.  She would point her finger at him and tell him off with very few words. Then he would laugh and they would do it all again.  They also had an ongoing argument about who was better Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake.

I watched their friendship from afar. Tyra was always good to Wyatt. When Tyra’s mother posted some pictures after her death, I had to smile. In picture, Tyra was showing Wyatt a fish. Another one was at Christmas when Tyra was dressed up as an elf leaning into a boy in a wheelchair. Or the one where she was helping someone open presents at a birthday party.

After hearing stories about this special young woman and seeing pictures, it dawned on me that Tyra had a ministry. She loved people. She brightened up Tyra might have had multiple disabilities, but her life mattered. People lined up at her funeral to testify about her good heart.

Don’t tell me that this young lady’s life didn’t matter. Or the friends she ministered to. It certainly did! When given a chance, even people with the most profound disabilities can have a ministry.

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