About - Tait Berge
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Tate Berge

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Writer, Theologian, Ministry Advocate
Tait is a ministry advocate representing Mephibosheth Ministry, a ministry that encourages the church to fully include people who have disabilities participate in the faith community. He holds an Associate of Arts degree in journalism (1998), a Bachelor in Leadership and Ethics (2009), and is starting a master’s in theology at Asbury Seminary in the fall, 2021. He has written four books and his articles has appeared in publications worldwide.
Tait has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. His speech is sometimes difficult to understand, but most people are able to pick it up in a matter of minutes after meeting him. If you just slow down your brain and allow your mind to process what Tait is saying you will find it a bit easier to understand him. It’s similar to listening to someone with an accent. Just take your time and let your mind do the work. If you still have questions, feel free to ask.
Tait’s family attended Calvary United Methodist where Tait participated in Sunday school, vacation Bible school, and youth group. He was confirmed in 1988. After Tait began to live on his own, he joined First United Methodist Church where he was a member for many years. He gave himself to full Christian service in 1998 and served as a teacher, Stephen Minister, and the Board of Trustees.
God called Tait away from FUMC in 2005 and planted him at International Anglican Church where planted strong roots in Anglicanism. He has served as a reader and taught Sunday school. He currently writes the sermon reflections for the weekly newsletter. His third book, In the Accessible Church, is the story of how Tait found love and acceptance at IAC and how he continues to flourish in his faith.
Outside of church, Tait is active in his community. He has served on the board of directors of the Cerebral Palsy Association as president, active with Canine Companions for Independence for thirty years, and is a fixture in downtown Colorado Springs, at the YMCA, and other community events. He has
Tait never believed he would be working with people with disabilities. “I used to run away whenever I saw someone with a disability,” he says. “I didn’t want to be associated with that group. I was so much better than them.” But God, as only God can, changed Tait’s heart and gave him a mission to connect people with disabilities to their local church.
“I am passionate that every person with a disability has the right to hear the gospel and be able to serve Jesus Christ. People want to serve rather than be served, and I want to encourage the church to use the gifts and talents of people with disabilities.”
Tait is the a ministry advocate for Mephibosheth Ministry. He meets with church leadership and trains pastors how to accept people who have disabilities into churches. He also mentors young men to become more alive in Christ and blogs for both Taitberge.com and Mephiboshethministry.org websites.